Home Studio is Buzzing!!!


Summer 2015 is here, and production life is in full swing! Aside from my day gig at Univision, I have been busy in my home studio working those long, late night, hours. Creating flyers on Photoshop, editing music videos on Premiere Pro, and touching up pictures on Lightroom, the life of a multimedia pro is never dull. Thanks to those of you who have reached out to me looking for that extra help, I am always eager to collaborate with creative people around the globe!  This is where the magic happens! Cheers to a blessed summer!

My YouTube Channel "Latino Hit Street"

Every now and then I record a quick video to post on my youtube channel "Latino Hit Street". This latest one really got people talking. In it a talk with my friend "Primo Jerry" about internet sensation Mario Bautista. Mario is a vine star in Mexico and has quickly become a household name among kids over there. And Primo Jerry knows him personally because they are cousins. So of course, looks like we connected well with a good portion of his followers. They live Mario Bautista!

Quick side note about my channel "Latino Hit Street". I started it in 2007 as a means to upload content and talk about promotions that I was involved with. I now use it as a way to publish my interviews with artists, commercials that I have done, as well as music videos. 

Tools of the Producer's Trade

It seems like a popular trend, to produce, shoot and edit! Personally, it is something I have done for many years. I have the type of personality that likes to try different things. Sure being an on-air talent is great because you get to share stories with your audience. Working "behind the scenes" on the other hand, brings a different form of satisfaction.

I guess you can call me an Apple and Canon fan boy!

I guess you can call me an Apple and Canon fan boy!

As a music and entertainment reporter, I get the chance to cover cool events like SXSW and ACL. Photos and video that I capture I also get to present to our audience on Univision and my friends and followers on social media. My photo gear above include Apple MacBook Pro, Canon lens's, Canon camera bodies, Lacie rugged hardrive and a Texas flag patch!

Armed with a laptop and headphones

One of my goals this year is to blog and post photos more often. Like if instagram, facebook and twitter were not enough, right? Why laptop and headphones in the pic you may ask?  Sometimes I like to disconnect from the world around me and focus on what I'm writing or editing.  Plus I like to keep up with new music.  Hurray Google Play!!!  

If I have an interesting photo and story to share, it's certain that you will read it hear. Please follow me on social media. Let me know you read this blog and I will follow back. I'm always looking to connect with fun and creative people